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 Review: [Prototype]

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PostSubject: Review: [Prototype]   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:03 pm

Genre: Sci-fi / Action
Age: 18
Release: June 9, 2009
Platforms: 360, PS3, Windows
Players: 1 wrote:

You are Alex Mercer. What exactly that means is initially unclear because this is a man who has lost his memory, but awoken in a morgue to a world in which he possesses untold power. A viral outbreak has claimed Manhattan, forcing the island into a military quarantine. The infected citizens are undergoing radical, monstrous changes -- none more drastic than Alex himself. This anti-hero finds himself with the ability to shape shift and absorb other beings. As the most powerful being on a closed island, the entire city is your playground. And it is a game world that feels unfinished.

The objective of the game is to find out who killed you, and to save the city from going down.
You may consume millitary officers, to increase your skills in helicopters, tanks, snipers ETC.

And there is Elizabeth Greene... your mom.
She has gotten the virus many years ago, but absorbed it, developed it, and lived on it.

You can practically run the game in 2 hours, but after the missions, youcan do events, and award medals.

Good wrote:
Good Gameplay, good graphics and story. Control is easy to handle.
Bad wrote:
The game is over very fast, period.

Zoneris, GameGrounds Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Review: [Prototype]   Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:05 pm

I personally enjoyed Prototype, The Game really takes you into free roam.

I'll give it a dice 4.

Anyway, keep up the good work, Zoneris.

Game Grounds Moderation Team
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Review: [Prototype]
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