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Welcome to Game - Grounds! Please register at our forums and get to know the community. Remember to Vote!

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Before you apply, you will be given some information you will need to read, If you fail to read this, your chances are 0.00%.
We will notice if you didn't read this.

You will need +40 posts to apply, the reason for this is to see who you really are, are you a troller or do you make posts wich actually make sence?

If you fail to follow that note, your application will be instantly denied.

- When you have applied, sending any Staff member PM's about your application will only lower your chances of you becoming a Staff member.

The current position(s) open are: Moderator, GFX Team.

Moderators will be given basic+ moderation tools, wich include Lock, ban, mute, IP, Change names, Profile Moderation and more.
Moderators will get a custom name color and a custom rank of their choice if chosen to moderate the Game Grounds community,
If proven worthy, you will be promoted to Administrator.

Moderators will generally moderate the forums and chatrooms of Game Grounds when they are online, do not worry, we choose our
Staff members carefully.

GFX Team will design and create any graphical needs for Game Grounds, this requires some experience, not some Crappy paint job.
If chosen, you will get a GFX Team rank and a GFX Shop for the community.

Staff Application Format.

When you are going to apply, there is a format you must follow ( Copy,paste ):

- What position are you applying for? ( Moderator, GFX Team, )

- How long have you been with Game Grounds?

- How many times have you voted for uss?

- Do you have a problem with authority?

- How old are you?

- Please list any second language(s). ( Not needed )

- What things do you possess that may be beneficial to Game - Grounds?

- What can you offer that other applicants cannot?

- Why do you think you should get chosen to join the Game Grounds staff? ( Please be as detailed as possible )

- ( If Applying for GFX Team ) Please post some of your recent art/graphical work. ( Resize if too big )

Leave questions in red and answers in white.

Remember, the Staff member spot is earned, not given.

- Fox

Game Grounds Moderation Team

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